Beta Testing is looking for up to 15 players to help Beta test our site and custom coding.

If interested please contact us using direct messaging on HEAT slack to @shoutofgia or @omega_man, or by emailing


Specifically, we need real players to;

·        Test the account creation process.

·        Test the banking systems of deposits and withdrawals.

·        Test our loyalty club point system.

·        Testing of tournament ticket system (STEP Tournaments).


What we Need from You

We anticipate that the Beta testing will last about 1-2 hours, and will include the following;


·        Players will create a new user at


·        Players will need to navigate the banking process and make a deposit of at least 100 HEAT.   (all losses up to 100 chips will be returned, but you can keep any winnings)


·        Players will play at least 1 “WEEKLY” Step Tournament. ( “Sit & Go” Tab – “The Weekly Step 1”)


·        Players will play at least 1 “MEGA” Step Tournament. (“Sit & Go” Tab – “The MEGA Step 1”)


·        Players will play at least 1 SNG (Any 5 or 10 chip SNG.  To be determined at the time)


·        Players will play at least 30 minutes of NLHE ring game.



We anticipate doing 2 tasks concurrently, to speed up the process.  (i.e. play ring and one tournament simultaneously.)  depending on the number of beta testers more than one of each type of tournament may need to be played, so we appreciate anyone willing to play more as may be needed.

Please provide feedback if you find anything confusing or incorrect.  Feedback can be provided using direct messaging on HEAT slack to @shoutofgia or @omega_man, or by emailing


Tester rewards

·        Keep any chips you win at the ring game or Sit & Go’s.

·        Any tournament tickets won in STEP tournaments, will remain in your account for future use.

·        Turntrips will give back any chips lost, up to 100 chips.

·        All Beta players will get 40 chips for participating.

·        Withdraw some or all of your chips, if you chose.

·        All Beta Players will receive the following tickets for future use;

A WEEKLY Step 1 ticket (2 +.25)

A WEEKLY Step 2 ticket (4 +.5)

A MEGA Step 1 ticket (3 +.5)

A MEGA Step 2 ticket (10 +1)

A 5+.5 SNG Ticket

A 10+1 SNG Ticket


Upcoming Events


·        In the near future will announce a soft opening with integration of home page with poker shell.

(note poker shell is running and functional now, it has been alpha tested in house)


·        Soon after the soft opening, our Grand Opening will be announced, where we will be giving away 1000’s of chips in freerolls and special tournaments.



About Us was started in 2015 by 2 cypto-currency enthusiasts who met playing online poker at a site they would eventually own.  After 2 years of waiting for the right vehicle to relaunch their poker site, they found their answer in HEAT Ledger.  Both owners are genesis account holders of HEAT and truly believe in the tech behind HEAT.  Each has a significant stake in HEAT and look forward to the symbiotic relationship of both building the HEAT name while at the same time building TurnTrips.Poker’s reach and trust.  Our emphatic goal is to provide a trustworthy, honest and fair place for owners of HEAT and other crypto currencies to play poker.  We will always go out of our way for our players, while fighting hard to limit abuse and fraud.




Our short term goal is to launch somewhat concurrently with HEAT Ledger.  We want to have a presence early and grow with HEAT.  As HEAT grows we want our reputation to be established with months or years of positive player reviews and referrals.

Our intermediate goals are to (1) build trust, (2) build player base, (3) help HEAT grow through marketing and ambassadorship, (4) be a positive member of the HEAT community.

Our longer term goals are to build on any success we have by investing in custom software that allows for better player enjoyment and more operational options for both the players and administration.